korean fashion is to die for

it’s classy but still cute

rough but still elegant


the url dramaticalmulder is taken but not being used
i’m so offended, don’t you know you’re sitting on a goldmine

i don’t understand the natural hair debate.  why is there a debate. has natural hair ever not looked excellent i mean damn

who are these people that aren’t into that? what are they doing? are they feeling okay


in gurren lagann, no one says ‘you know the drill’ at any point so it’s actually the worst anime


who is ole hickory ham mike and why is he texting me

Allow it.
eitakivlas replied to your post: “today at work i hit my head really hard and forgot how to draw. now i…”:
you literally work at a hospital you fucking plastic trash bag

my dad slapped some peroxide on it and was like “you’ll be fine”

is he even a real doctor?  did he actually go to med school


you could read this from right to left or left to right and it doesnt matter. it doesnt matter


Season 2 images revealed at Gravity Falls Live! (3/3)

today at work i hit my head really hard and forgot how to draw. now i am finally officially bad at everything


fun fact: the only thing standing between you and success is a small, angry gnome which has dedicated its whole existence to ruining you. you must not let it win